Invest in your child's future at the "NEO Finance"!

The Child Welfare Account - your child's financial future. It's a great way to invest and achieve your child's long-term goals and help them start their future on a solid footing. 


Why invest on behalf of your child?

  • You'll benefit from a simple and safe way to invest using a platform regulated by the Bank of Lithuania;
  • Start saving for your child's future today;
  • It costs you nothing to have a child wealth account;
  • The right tool for long-term investing;
  • A small amount invested each month can turn into a large and significant investment for your child's first years of independent life as an adult.

Potential return

Here is an example of how much money you can save for your children's future over 18 years by investing €80.5 each month (the State Child Money).

Amount invested: €17 338

Portfolio size: €48,524.6

Annual investment return: 10% (Historical "NEO Finance" investor return of 12%)


Where does it all start?
To open a "NEO Finance" e-money account where the customer is a natural person under the age of 18, that person's legal representatives must:

  • Submit the required documents remotely.


  • To come to "NEO Finance".


Documents required:

  • Personal documents for parents and minor child;
  • Birth certificate or birth record.
  • Court decision on custody if the child is represented by guardians or a parent;
  • In the case of an application by only one parent, either a court decision confirming that the parent has the right to represent his/her minor child independently or a notarised power of attorney from the other parent; A notarised copy of the power of attorney must also be submitted.

Either remotely or by visiting the office, you will need:

  • Sign a consent to invest on behalf of a minor;
  • Sign consents for the verification of your personal data and that of your minor child;
  • Specify which of the child's representatives' account to assign the child's account to, as only one parent will be able to invest on behalf of the child.

The user account opened in the "NEO Finance" would not be under the control of the minor child himself, but the contracts would be concluded in the name of the child. Please also note that any funds held in an e-money account opened in the name of a minor child could only be transferred to that minor's bank account. The transfer of these funds to another account would require a court authorisation.

Once the child reaches the age of majority, the parents would no longer be able to invest in the child's name and the child's account would have to be separated. The child will be given a separate login to their personal "NEO Finance" account.

Please note that all information provided is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as investment advice or recommendations. Before making investment decisions, please consider carefully all the risks associated with the investment, which may lead to the loss of some or even all of the funds invested.